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Purchase Process

We begin by meeting with the prospective client.   At this meeting the client ask all questions and satisfy all questions and concerns they may have.   A property profile is defined and a search plan is discussed and planned with the client.    

We all have desires, and we also have needs. It is best to determine what the true needs are. Setting your goals out and discussing them within the family can help to set direction and save you time and effort. Based on these goals, you can start to focus on the geographical area that makes sense. We take our clients to all communities in Fairfield County and beyond.  

At this time, alternative search possibilities including targeted search and reverse compensation search, are considered as appropriate to the specific search.  A working relationship is established between broker and client.  Search parameters including school performances, town qualities, commuting times, etc., are discussed.  

After the initial meeting, potential properties are reviewed to reveal the most promising group.  The second tier listings are then reviewed again, with possibly widened search parameters which may have resulted from a new awareness subsequent to the first viewing.        

We believe that the search should be comprehensive. All available properties from all sources should be considered. As a result, we work in a one-to-one relationship with our clients showing and evaluating all properties with them, from all sources; these include all "Exclusively Listed" homes with all area realtors, for-sale-by-owner homes, foreclosures, and through offers of reverse compensation, and sometimes direct neighborhood searches to bring target property to the market for the client. Considering all sources brings the most opportunity to the buyer.

Once a desired home is found, all available information known to the agent is shared with the client and an offer is prepared.   The client has full review of all sales data available in the neighborhood and may do exterior visual inspections of comparable sales with us to better understand their investment.  The offer is presented in person by the agent or is  presented with a descriptive letter detailing the thinking of the buyer with legitimate justification of price.    The offer is prepared with clarity and directness to provide the strongest incentive to the seller to accept it. 

Home inspections are conducted to determine the condition of the home, and a title search is performed by the attorney to determine the validity of title.  Re-negotiation of purchase contract then occurs if required in cooperation with the buyer's attorney. We troubleshoot all pre-closing issues in conjunction with the client's attorney.   

Immediately prior to the closing, the client and agent visit the home to determine that expectations have been met according to the contract.   If an unforeseeable discrepancy should arise, this is commonly resolved with attorney involvement at the closing.